Kevin was fortunate to grow up during one of dance music's biggest revolutions. The sounds of Chris Sheppard and Manzone & Strong on Energy 108 filled his walkman at night, and at age 10 he was recording his favourite tracks and live-to-air's from the radio to share with friends and family. Fast forward to the age of the Internet, Kevin began collecting music of nearly every genre from every corner of the globe, but is always keeping an ear to the ground for the latest in house, techno, and electronica.

In 2010, Kevin began DJ'ing with his roommate under the name "Hashtag", experimenting with various flavours of house music in humble bars, college events, WEMF, and eventually some of southern Ontario's top dance clubs. Over the next two years, they would play alongside the likes of Carlo Lio, Avicii, Deniz Koyu, and countless titans of Toronto's vibrant club scene. When a move seperated the duo, they decided to pursue their own projects and thus Kevin's solo career was born.

Fluid mixing, keen musical instinct, and a diverse library combine to critical mass for Kevin, who often samples and remixes on-the-fly to inject a unique vibe into every night.

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